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PPS00136 : Love, Your Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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Love was supposed to be beautiful. But seeing how it completely wrecked a person like that, I realized that the most beautiful things could become the most horrible ones.



A twenty-minute talk was all I needed for me to determine if a woman could be potentially overly possessive and intruding; second, naggy and whiny; and would be a crazy ex-girlfriend in the event that it didn’t work out between us. The first two were the kinds of women I wouldn’t want to date. Having number three would be very stressful and as much as possible, ayokong magkaroon ng ex na hahabol-habulin pa rin ako kahit tapos na kami. Until out of nowhere, bigla na lang akong nakatanggap ng mga sulat mula sa isang babaeng patay na patay sa ex-boyfriend niyang malapit nang ikasal! Obviously, hindi para sa akin ang handwritten letters na bumabagsak sa condo unit na nilipatan ko kundi para sa dating tenant niyon. Sa mga sulat na iyon, ipinaalala ng babae ang masasayang alaala nila ng ex-boyfriend, ang mga pangakong binitiwan nila sa isa’t isa, at future plans na hindi na nagkaroon pa ng katuparan. Apparently, the woman had one objective: ang bumalik ang kanyang ex. Ah, this woman is crazy… bordering on psychotic, I think. Alam kong hindi ko dapat binuksan ang seemingly drunken letters niya. Alam kong kapag nalaman ng babae na hindi ang ex ang nakakatanggap ng mga sulat ay baka gilitan niya ako ng leeg. Then one day, I saw her standing outside my doorstep. Holy shit.



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