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BIC00064 - Paper-Thin Romance / A Trip to Mierville / Meeting Dr. Frank N. Stein

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Ron Mendoza
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Title: SHORTCUTS – VOLUME 11 – Paper-Thin Romance / A Trip to Mierville / Meeting Dr. Frank N. Stein
Code: BIC0064
Genres: Romance / Anthology / Steampunk / Fantasy
Price: P99.75
Pages: 64 (20 pages each story)
Paper: bulky
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Type: 3-in-1 Comics
Language: English

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Paper-Thin Romance
Written by Ron Mendoza
Illustrated by Rica Angela Padullo

I want to kiss you to ease your pain… Oh, those sad blue eyes, that chiseled nose, and those soft plump lips… Oh, if only I could be in your world… I’d take care of you and show you that life is not cruel…

A Trip to Mierville
Written by Nald Tabuzo
Illustrated by Jake Vicente

He reminded me that I might not get out of Mierville alive. But I still have to try. Sometimes love can make someone really courageous… Or crazy.

Meeting Dr. Frank N. Stein
Written by Gypsy Esguerra
Illustrated by Dexter Roxas

If you stay longer I might not able to let you go. But you are stubborn. You don’t even listen to what I’m saying. But I think you’re deliberately doing it so I won’t feel like an invalid.


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