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CBK00190 - Robinson Crusoe

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Daniel Defoe
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Crusoe at the age of nineteen leaves England, setting sail on a sea voyage in September 1651, against the wishes of his parents. During a terrible storm, he promises to return home to his parents. Yet after the ship sinks, he forgets his promise. He goes to London and befriends the captain of a vessel bound for Guinea. The second voyage does not prove as fortunate: the ship is seized by Moorish pirates, and Crusoe is enslaved.

While on a fishing expedition, he and a slave boy break free. A kind Portuguese captain picks them up, buys the slave boy from Crusoe, and takes Crusoe to Brazil. In Brazil, Crusoe establishes himself as a plantation owner and soon becomes successful. He becomes interested in leading a slave expedition to Africa, but ends up shipwrecked.

Crusoe is shocked to find himself on a deserted island. He soon learns he is the sole survivor of the expedition. Onshore, he finds goats he can graze for meat and builds himself a shelter. He learns to read the Bible and suddenly becomes religious, thanking God for his fate.

After twelve years, Crusoe discovers human bones and signs of cannibalism. Eleven years later, he witnesses a cannibal feast. One night on his twenty-fifth year on the island, he saves a cannibal from other cannibals. He calls him Friday. Crusoe civilizes and converts him to Christianity.

This is followed by a series of events which leads Crusoe to return to civilization after staying on the island for twenty-eight years.

Vividly illustrated and set in easy-to-read large font, this collector's edition can be enjoyed by young readers today and for generations to


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