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CBK00299 - King Arthur (And The Legends Of The Round Table)

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Sir Thomas Malory
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Merlin's s prophesy is that the child of King Uther and Queen Igraine is destined for glory. And so when the child is born, Merlin takes it to a priest. who baptizes him with the name Arthur.

Two years later, King Uther falls gravely sick. And during the years that follow the King's death, while Arthur is still a child, the ambitious barons fight one another for the throne, and the whole of Britain stands in danger.

Until the Archbishop of Canterbury, on the advice of Merlin, proclaims a message that the true successor to the British throne will be miraculously revealed. A marble block into which a beautiful sword has been thrust is presented to the public. Whoever succeeds in pulling the sword shall be the one to be King. Many of the nobles try but fail to pull the sword out of the stone. It is only Arthur who succeeds in pulling the sword.

King Arthur has different encounters with his knights. They are men of courage, honor, dignity, courtesy, and nobleness. They live in a time when damsels in distress need to be saved. They are honored and fight for kings. And they embark on dangerous quests where they encounter supernatural as well as timeless battles with their faith.

Vividly illustrated and set in easy-to-read large font, this collector's edition can be enjoyed by young readers and by generations to come.


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