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CBK00485 - Si Jepoy Dyip (Jepoy, The Jeepney) Book 2: At Ang Palaruan (And The Playground)

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Jomike Tejido
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Si Jepoy Dyip ay may bagong kalaro. Nagpunta pa sila sa palaruang malayo. Ngunit ano ang dapat ang hangganan ng katuwaan, lalo na kung nakalimutan nilang magpaalam?

Makisali kina Jepoy Dyip at Victor Traysikel sa kanilang unang samahan. Alamin din ang halaga ng wastong pagpaalam sa magulang.

Jepoy the Jeepney has a new playmate. Together they went to a faraway playground. But should they set limits to having fun, especially if they’d forgotten to ask permission to go out?

Join Jepoy the Jeepney and Victor the Tricycle in their first adventure. Also learn the value of asking permission from parents before going out.


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