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SOB00004 : #SoBad Series 4, Mina

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Dream Grace
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“Ang sukatan ng true love, hindi paglalagay ng sukatan.”



Kahit pala gaano pa kabait ang isang tao, darating at darating ka rin sa puntong gugustuhin mo nang sumigaw ng “Ayoko na! Suko na ako! Ilalabas ko na’ng lahat ng naipong kamalditahan ko!” Ako si Mina, a sexy singer and comedienne. Book-dumb pero streetwise. Flirty pero selosa at possessive. People say I’m funny, witty and friendly. I come from a colorful family background. I was orphaned when I was very young. And no, this story is not a chick lit where I’m going to tell you how I became an independent twenty-something woman. This story is about how I met, fell in love with, married and left the love of my life, the other half of my soul and my exact opposite, Gideon Moore. At bago ko makalimutan, yeah, this story is also about how I went to a mangkukulam para ipakulam ang tinamaan ng magaling kong other half, pati na ang ex-nililigawan niyang puno’t dulo ng nalalapit ko nang pagiging ex-wife imbes na pagiging happily married wife. So, I guess if you’ll look into my Instagram account and see the picture of my ex, you’ll get why I put a #SoBad on it.


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