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WAP00004 - Wanderlust Batch 2 Palawan Sands 4: Pangako

PHP 45.00
Dream Grace
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“Don’t just stand there and watch me walk away from you! Love is supposed to be fighting with all your heart and soul to keep your loved one with you!”

Romance writer si Aivy. News reporter si Zach.
Aivy writes about love and happy ever after stories. Zach reports catastrophic events and tragedies. They can’t be more different than day and night.
Pero ang pagkakaiba nila ay malayo sa inaasahan ng marami. Hindi naniniwala si Aivy sa kasal at sa forever habang si Zach ay atat na atat nang yayain ang girlfriend na magpakasal.
So how can two entirely different people find a way to be together?
Ang solusyon ni Zach, magpunta sa Palawan para hanapin ang unang lalaking minahal ni Aivy pero nang-iwan sa dalaga. He thinks that the closure Aivy needs from that man will finally make her realize that she can trust in his love. Isa pa, maraming maganda at romantic na lugar sa Palawan. And maybe, he would make his seventh marriage proposal to her there.


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