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Mga Kuwento Ni Kuya Jun [BUNDLE] - SBB00001

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Segundo D. Matias Jr.
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Mga Kuwentong May Aral: Joseng Dalag

Jose the Mudfish is the biggest fish in the Azula river. The smaller fish are terrified of him.
All the food, sceneries, and sleeping quarters the small fish find for themselves, Jose the Mudfish always claims for himself.
One day, Jose the Mudfish once again usurps some wriggling worm. Suddenly, something pierces his mouth.

What can possibly happen to bullies?

Mga Kuwentong May Aral: Ang Punong Marikit

There is a Tree in a certain town that is admired by the people because of its beauty. One day a tiny Crawling Plant asks the Tree if it can crawl over the Tree’s trunk. The Plant promises to leave during the full moon. But when the full moon arrives, the Crawling Plant is still there. The Plant pleads if it can crawl over the Tree’s branches and promises to leave when the next full moon comes around.

The full moon occurs again, but the Plant continues crawling. Until the Tree can no longer be seen. Even its flowers are no longer visible.

One day the townspeople go to where the Tree is located. They have brought bolos with them.

What will happen to the Tree?

Mga Kuwentong May Aral: Ako Ang Hari


One time in the jungle, a wolf and a young lion meet. “I am the king of this jungle!” boasts the wolf.
The wolf urges the young lion to go to the highest mountain. There, the wolf is supposed to be installed as king. Everything they pass by—rivers, trees, hills, springs, bays and waterfalls—the wolf as king claims as his own.
At the top of the highest mountain, the reigning king lion announces his successor.

Who is the new king?

Mga Kuwentong May Aral: Ang Sarimanok


Datu Banog will bid farewell to his subjects anytime soon. A new ruler must be installed in the land of Cupang.
Alman and Lumibao are both excellent warriors. Anyone of them who can catch the elusive Sarimanok will become the datu.
 Lumibao brings home the cage bearing the most sought-after bird—but it is still Alman who is installed as the new datu.

What good quality does Alman possess that brings to him the leadership of Cupang?

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